LIRR Third Track Update - September 2022

During the month of September, you will see crews performing the following construction activities in Garden City.


  • Crews from EJ Electric will continue the process of removing temporary utility poles across the entire project alignment.
    • In some areas, workers may have to access private property in which case the project will coordinate in advance with individual business/property owners.

Wall Construction

  • Crews will continue to install wall panels on Herricks Road near Merillon Station.
  • On September 1, crews will install security fence from Nassau Boulevard to Herricks Road.

Merillon Avenue Station Enhancement

  • Throughout September, crews will be installing the snow melt system under the north side platform.
  • There will be ongoing punch list work, including the installation of permanent handrails, infill panels, and platform barriers, at the station throughout the month.


  • With planting season underway, the project has remained committed to landscaping and other design elements - such as the planting of trees, shrubs, and other greenery - that will enhance a completed project and contribute to the beautification of the corridor.
    • Throughout September, landscaping maintenance will continue on the north and south side of the station.

Double Track Outages

  • The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Expansion Project is nearing completion. In the next few months, weekend rail service will be modified to allow the contractor, 3TC, and LIRR to finish work on the track, signals, switches, and stations. LIRR also will be performing non-project work during the weekend double-track outages (DTOs). Completing this intensive work in conjunction with the project will reduce the overall time and level of disruption required for these essential transportation upgrades.
    • September 10 - Project work will take place east of Roslyn Road to the east end of Meadowbrook Parkway
    • September 17 - Project work will take place from Denton Avenue to the east end of Mineola Station
    • September 24 - Project work will take place east of Mineola switch to Meadowbrook Parkway
  • To best plan your trip, use the LIRR TrainTime app. You can also download the special timetable for your branch.
  • For more information, please see: Weekend Shutdowns between Jamaica and Hicksville (MTA information).

Additional Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) Work Along the Railroad Right-of-Way

  • In addition to the activities described above, you may see or hear LIRR forces working along the railroad right-of-way at various times during the month.
  • To avoid LIRR service interruptions during peak commuting hours, LIRR work along the railroad right-of-way may be taking place overnight and on weekends.
  • For more information, visit the LIRR Expansion Project website.