1. The Sanitation Division, on average, collects over 14,000 tons of household garbage and rubbish each year; and separately collects over 1,600 tons of yard waste.

Sanitation/Hazardoous Materials Collection Guidelines


All kitchen waste will be collected at the rear or along the side of the home screened from street view, in plastic bags tied securely or in watertight covered containers, not to exceed 32 gallons and 40 pounds per container. Small boxes such as but not limited to cereal, pizza, shirt, and shoe boxes are considered kitchen waste. Never place broken glass in with the garbage.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are collected at the curb in plastic bags, bushel baskets or garbage cans not exceeding 32 gallons and/or 40 pounds per container. Grass clippings are collected on the same day as garbage (April 1 through October 1). Landscapers are responsible for the removal and disposal of their material.


All rubbish is collected at the curb each Wednesday, except as noted on the Holiday Schedule. Tree branches must be cut and tied in bundles not more than 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter. Large cartons should be reduced in size and tied in bundles not larger than 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. Bushel baskets or containers not larger than 32 gallons and 40 pounds per container may also be used. Cat litter, dog waste and other animal feces are included in this category and MUST be placed in plastic bags tied securely for health reasons. Cardboard, rags and books are also considered rubbish. Rubbish must be stored in an area screened from street view prior to it being placed at the curb for collection. Broken glass should be boxed, marked and placed in rubbish container.

Bulky Items

Furniture, concrete, bricks, wood, stumps, or any large amount of material. Please call for a special pickup before placing material at the curb. Hours to call for a "special pick-up" are between 7 am to 3:30 pm. Monday through Friday (call 516-465-4031). Please be aware that there will be no special pick-ups on the day that Village wide Rubbish Collection is scheduled. Contractors are responsible for the removal and disposal of their material.

Hazardous Materials

The Village will not collect oil or chemical drums, cartridges or explosives, chemicals, paints, gasoline or any other flammable or volatile and combustible liquids. For information on disposal of these items call the Town of Hempstead (STOP Program) at 516-378-4210.

Medical Waste

According to the Nassau County Department of Health, household sharps (needles, etc.) are not considered to be regulated medical waste, but must be disposed of properly. Use a puncture-proof plastic container with a tight-fitting screw top. Don't use glass because it can break. Coffee cans are not recommended because the plastic lids come off too easily. Label the container clearly. Write "Contains Sharps" with a waterproof marker directly on the container or on masking tape on the container. Once you have used a syringe or lancet, immediately put it into your container. Screw on the top. Don't clip, bend or recap the needles because you could injure yourself. Keep the container away from children. When the container is full, screw on the cap tightly. Seal it with heavy-duty tape to be extra safe. 

There are different options for getting rid of the container of sharps. Some cities and towns have more options than others. The Village asks that residents speak with their doctors and/or pharmacy regarding the proper disposal of medical waste. Do not place medical waste out with recyclable plastics.

Building Construction

The Village will not collect rubbish from building construction, alterations or repairs, if the work was done by contractor. Contractors are responsible for removal and disposal of their material.

Time of Collection

All refuse should be put out before 7 am, but not more than 12 hours before collection.


Due to Incinerator restraints, we are no longer able to collect motor vehicle tires.

Additional Sanitation Reminders

  • Have a path to the garbage cans clear of items such as snow/ice, cars, sprinklers, bushes and dogs.
  • Please contact the Village Yard at 516-465-4031 for any of the following situations:
    • Instructions on how to properly dispose of needles
    • When you expect to have additional garbage following a special occasion such as a graduation, wedding, communion, party, etc.
    • If you are moving your garbage cans
    • To schedule a pickup for the disposal of fluorescent light bulbs