LIRR Third Track Update - July 2021

During the month of July, you will see crews performing construction activities in Garden City.

Wall Construction

  • 3TC will continue to install wall panels along the south side of the tracks from Denton Avenue/Tanners Pond Road to Merillon Station
  • On the north side of the tracks, from Nassau Boulevard heading east along Atlantic Avenue, crews will begin to prepare the area for wall construction

Merillon Avenue Station Enhancement

  • Crews have begun the process of commissioning and testing the new elevators at Merillon Avenue Station to ensure complete functionality and safety requirements are met
    • Elevators will be ADA-compliant and will provide easier access to the platforms on both sides of the station
  • Guardrails and railings are being installed on the stairs and ramps on both the north and south sides of the tracks
  • EJ Electric is continuing to install lighting at the station and platform conduit along the right-of-way, on the north and south sides of the tracks

3rd Track Installation

  • Ballast will be installed along the south side of the right-of-way during the day to support the future installation of the third track
  • Once the ballast has been installed, crews will build track between Nassau Boulevard and Herricks Road

New Hyde Park Road Underpass

  • Crews from EJ Electric will be installing CCTV cameras and security devices beneath the Covert Avenue underpass
    • This activity is expected to last approximately three days, and will require a single-lane closure to complete
    • Flaggers will be present to assist with two-way traffic during this operation

Double Track Outages

  • A double track outage has been scheduled for the Main Line on July 10th and 11th
    • To reduce the overall project schedule, the project team will use this double-track outage to complete other activities in proximity to the tracks
    • During this time, residents will likely notice increased activity along the right-of-way
    • To ensure restoration of rail service by Monday mornings, crews will be working both during the day and through the overnight hours

Permanent Utility Pole Installation

Crews from EJ Electric will excavate for poles on the north side of the tracks near Denton Avenue

LIRR Work Along The Right-of-Way

  • In addition to 3TC's activities, you may see or hear LIRR forces working along the railroad right-of-way.
  • To avoid LIRR service interruptions during peak commuting hours, LIRR work along the railroad right-of-way may take place overnight and on weekends.
  • For more information, visit the post in the Community News section of

For up-to-date LIRR service changes and/or changes to station access, please visit MTA / LIRR.