Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is tasked with ensuring all Civil Service and Employment Laws are followed and that policies are properly administered.

The Village of Garden City hires employees in accordance with Civil Service Law administered and controlled by New York State and Nassau County Civil Service Commissions. Our workforce includes competitive, non-competitive, and exempt Civil Service positions.

Most of the full-time workforce is represented by one of three unions. Each union has its own negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement that defines the compensation and benefits of that group. The Village employs approximately 240 full-time employees and on average 100 part-time employees.

Human Resources is also responsible for the employee payroll and all benefit administration, including paid time off, health, dental, New York State Retirement System and the Deferred Compensation Plan. Human Resources works closely with the Village’s Workers’ Compensation Administrator to ensure that all cases are handled justly and with expediency. Through cooperation with all the Departments Human Resources aids in ensuring that the workforce is properly trained and the worksites are safe.

The Human Resources Department is headed by Courtney Rutt Rosenblatt, Secretary to the Board of Trustees and along with her team prioritizes being an accessible and helpful resource for active employees and retirees.

  1. Courtney Rutt Rosenblatt

    Secretary to the Board of Trustees