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1. What has the St. Paul’s Advisory Committee accomplished so far?
2. What’s coming next?
3. I pay $9,000 in Village taxes now and want to know how much a St. Paul’s project would cost me?
4. What would a St. Paul’s Project cost me?
5. How Can the Village Ensure Safety of St. Paul’s Fields and Middle School Fields During Any St. Paul’s Project?
6. What is the present condition of the St. Paul’s Main Building?
7. How much has the Village spent on the St. Paul’s Building over the last 10 years?
8. What do we know about the environmental impact of a demolition, adaptive reuse or façade project at St. Paul’s?
9. Why is the Village taking steps now to remove the stained glass windows from the St. Paul’s Chapel rather than shoring them up in place?
10. What resident votes, polls or surveys have taken place in the past relating to St. Paul’s and what were the results?
11. Why did the Village have a “St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll” on October 21st rather than a “Referendum” or a “Vote” and what is the difference in these terms?
12. What are the restrictions on the St. Paul’s property and why do we have them? What do people mean when they talk about “Permitted Uses”?