What resident votes, polls or surveys have taken place in the past relating to St. Paul’s and what were the results?

It was in a Special Election held February 2, 1993 that residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bond resolution to purchase the St. Paul’s School Property. (2,929 residents voted – 2,582 voted yes and 347 voted no)

Four years later on March 13, 1997, three Garden City Property Owners’ Associations (Central, West and Estates) invited all residents to vote in a public opinion survey on two questions:

1. Should the Village lease the St. Paul’s Building for a commercial assisted living facility? 2,372 residents voted on this question with results split nearly evenly - 1,178 voted yes and 1,194 voted no.

2. Should the Village maintain the St. Paul's Building for future alternative use? 2,118 residents voted on this question with 59% (1,247) voting yes and 41% (871) voting no.

Over seven years later, in May 2004, a public opinion survey was authored by a committee with representatives from each of the four Village Property Owners’ Associations. Adelphi University staff volunteered to assist with the survey and the report is attached. The report noted that when respondents were forced to choose one option, 40% were in favor of using the building for private use as residential condominiums or an assisted living facility, 25% were in favor of demolition, and threshold use and stabilization received the least support (7% and 4% respectively).

On December 2, 2008, two Property Owners’ Associations held a Village-wide opinion poll with three options for residents. 5,020 residents voted with 45.4% (2,272) in favor of demolition, 37.1% (1,875) in favor of Mothballing the Main Building, and 17.5% (873) in favor of approving a development agreement with Avalon Bay.

On April 27, 2011, residents were invited to vote on a bond resolution to fund demolition ($3.75 Million), and of the 4,411 residents who voted, 75% (3,290) voted no and 25% (1,121) voted yes.

In September 2013, a Needs Assessment Survey was done by the Village Recreation Department, and the results of that study are attached.

The History of St. Paul’s 1993 To Date tab provides some background information on these different votes, polls and surveys.

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11. What resident votes, polls or surveys have taken place in the past relating to St. Paul’s and what were the results?
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