What is the conclusion?

The Board and the Committee have been and continue to take steps to try to protect our Village. All of us live here too, several near the Main Line. The Board has retained special counsel, the nationally renowned environmental law firm of Beveridge and Diamond to assist us in exploring and understanding our rights, and asserting them against the MTA/LIRR. We will continue to push the MTA/LIRR and its contractors to be respectful of the Village, and to work with us to mitigate the impact of the project and the poles in particular, on the Village and our residents.

We look forward to discussing these and any other aspect of the project with fellow residents as well as with our local representatives. It is only when we have a discussion based on facts and not emotions that we will be able to do what is best for our Village as a whole.

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1. Who owns the poles?
2. Did MTA/LIRR ask the Village in advance for permission to place the poles where they are?
3. What about the New York law that requires utilities to give notice to Villages and residents before a utility pole is placed?
4. What about allegations of supposed conflict of interest?
5. Is landscaping going to be done to mitigate the poles and walls and replace removed vegetation?
6. What is the conclusion?