How Can the Village Ensure Safety of St. Paul’s Fields and Middle School Fields During Any St. Paul’s Project?

Some residents have raised questions about the impact on surrounding playing fields during a St. Paul’s project, particularly if there is a demolition project. Mr. Lloyd Westerman of Westerman Construction explained to residents at the October 3rd information session how both asbestos and lead would be handled in any proposed project, whether it is a restoration project or a demolition project (11 minute 20 second mark). He provided in his presentation links for two New York State websites for residents to visit for further information on asbestos and lead and the standard processes in place to ensure safety. Mr. Westerman also shared his experience with a recent demolition project done by his firm of a building adjacent to a branch of the NYC Public Library and across the street from a park. Based on the construction practices, he explained that the work was done in a way that avoided any shut down of the library branch where children were attending programs and any impact on the nearby park. Mr. Westerman also added that demolition can be done in the winter. In response to a question at the end of the presentation (1 hr. 20 minute mark), Mr. Westerman confirmed that he budgeted that proper procedures would be followed as to not impact areas outside the fence surrounding the building.

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4. How Can the Village Ensure Safety of St. Paul’s Fields and Middle School Fields During Any St. Paul’s Project?
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