Path to a St. Paul's Master Plan in 2024

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Where are we now on St. Paul's?

On Saturday, October 21st, 2023, 4,339 residents participated in a St. Paul’s Public Opinion Poll which was undertaken to determine whether there is community support for further efforts to preserve part or all of the St. Paul’s Main Building. Of the residents who participated, 2,635 (61%) supported continued efforts by the Board of Trustees to save part or all of the building, and 1,704 (39%) supported demolition of the building. This poll was an important first step towards making a decision on the St. Paul’s Main Building, and your Board of Trustees is now focused on its goal of a plan for the St. Paul’s Main Building that preserves part or all of the building, has widespread community support, and can be executed.

What should residents do?

Residents are encouraged to take steps now to learn about this topic so you can help us to meet our goal. Here is a good place to start:

 • Watch the four-minute video to gather basic information on the condition of the building. It is narrated by Lloyd Westerman of Westerman Construction who was hired to provide cost estimates for different alternatives presented to residents before the Opinion Poll. More extensive information on the condition of the building can be found on the website.

 • Understand why the Community Center concept is being considered and not other alternatives by first reading the FAQ: What are the restrictions on the St. Paul’s property and why do we have them? What do people mean when they talk about “permitted uses”? It would also be helpful to read the History of St. Paul’s 1993 to Date to understand the other alternatives explored in the past.

 • Find out what you pay in Village taxes, if you don’t already know, and look at the FAQ: What could a St. Paul’s Project cost me?  

Facts matter – what to do about the conflicting information on costs

Facts matter and having the trust of residents as we embark on this challenging task is essential. It is important to remember that your elected officials have a fiduciary and ethical obligation to the residents of the Village, and they alone are responsible for making the decisions on the St. Paul’s Main Building. We will continue to work to share the facts with residents on this very complex issue, and the Village website will be the best place to get accurate information. A few facts to consider: The Village does not have a cost estimate for actual plans for a community or recreation center, either in a fully restored building or in a partially preserved structure with additional facilities added. The most recent data for the community needs is a decade old.

At this point, we expect to begin with abatement, which will need to be done for any St. Paul’s project, be it partial or full preservation. We have also engaged a renowned stained glass window expert to prevent any further damage to the windows in the chapel by removing them and safely storing them for future restoration.