Bids and RFPs for Village Projects

The Village of Garden City publishes Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and/or bid specifications for a variety of projects, programs and products. A summary of current bid specifications or RFPs announcements is below.

If you are a vendor looking to do business with the Village of Garden City please visit the NYS Contract Reporter.

Note: The NYS Contract Reporter is NYS' official source of contracting opportunities that helps bring business and government together. The Village of Garden City uses this NYS website to post all bid specifications for its competitively bid projects.

If you are not currently a user of the NYS Contract Reporter site, just follow the instructions to register. There is no cost to register or to use the site.

Garden City Truck Routing Feasibility Study

Volunteer Fire Infrastructure & Response Equipment (V-Fire) Grant Program

Employee Dental Insurance Plan

2024 Curb, Sidewalk and Rod Improvement Design

Water Main Replacement - Clinton Road and Stewart Avenue

7th Street Crosswalk Improvement

Speed Limit Reduction Study

Stewart Avenue Corridor Study

Water Works Building HVAC Renovation

Transportation Alternatives Program

Limited Sewer Study - Franklin Avenue and 11th Street

Proposed Sewer System - 12th Street and Golf Club Lane

New Cedar Valley Sewer Lift Station

Automatic Sprinkler System at the Garden City Municipal Service Yard